Touchwood Toyshop

Touchwood Toyshop

Address: 3 Pack Horse Court, Keswick, CA12 5JB. Phone: 017687 75110

We love wooden toys just like the ones we used to play with, and in a world of touch-screens and ‘batteries not included’, children love our wooden toys too.  Getting hold of something solid and creating fun is both satisfying and educational.  Our wooden toys are colourful and attractive, practical and fun, well-made and great value for money.

Bring back the magic of toys!

Whether it is a wooden jigsaw with charming shapes and pictures, a chunky bus with brightly painted passengers or wooden building blocks, there is something magical about these toys.  Built with love, a quality wooden toy is made to last and be enjoyed time and time again.

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Let your imagination run riot

We believe that playing with toys should be an imaginative experience and so our toys open up a world of play possibilities.  Across a myriad of different themes from space craft to kitchens, pirates to fairies or craft kits for boys or girls, you will find the perfect toy for every child’s interest.

A visit is a treat for everyone

Our shop is small but it is an Aladdin’s Cave where shelves are stacked with something for everyone between the ages of 0 to 15 years.  We are always happy to offer advice and suggestions to assist our customers in finding the perfect toy.


When you choose a toy which you love, they will enjoy it so much more.

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