Packhorse Court Independents celebrate Independence Day!

In July there is a national campaign to focus on promoting the value of shopping in Independent shops.

The Independents traders got together and decided to celebrate US Independence Day in order to promote the benefits of shopping at your local Independent.   For every £ that you spend in an Independent shop 50p to 70p ends up back in the local economy compared to just 5p at the large multiple retailers.

The traders wanted to take the opportunity to thank everyone who supports them.

The town crier came down and read out the Packhorse Court ‘declaraton of indpendence’

Come forth all ye who wish to hear, the independent traders of Packhorse Court make this honourable declaration to the town of Keswick and to our customers and neighbours.
We shall provide a clean, safe courtyard environment
The courtyard may be used for shopping, browsing or simply relaxing
We shall supply quality goods at affordable prices
We shall engage with our customers at every opportunity and learn from their ever changing needs
We will provide a high level of customer service
We will show our appreciation to our customers by providing occasional entertainment in the courtyard
Our customers can  trust us to be consistent in our offer and approach
We will reward loyalty from our customers
We will remain local independent traders, of the people, for the people, by the people of Keswick’
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